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The technical division is established since the founding of our company, process development scale and market share, technological R & D Center was established in 2010 to improve the ability of R & D.

Organizational structure

The R & D consists of the research institution derrick, research institution cementing and fractionation equipment, research institution research of electrical equipment, research institution structural component and integrated office manager.
1. The research institution is responsible derrick conventional tower design and drilling equipment.
2. The research institution cooling tower is in charge of the design of the tower truck mounted drilling, conditioning tower and special drilling machine mounted on truck.
3. The research institution and fractionation cement works primarily in the design of cementing equipment operation, fractionation, etc.
4. The research institution is primarily responsible electrical equipment design derrick and control system oilfield.
5. The research institution structural component is in charge mainly design of the structural components of the derrick.

Researcher at the Research

in the Technology R & D Center

1. The center has 3 masters, 44 bachelors and 13 senior engineers, who are reasonably appropriate equipment and strong R & D ability to design and research new products ages.
2. The Technology R & D center, with an area of 3,000 m2, is operational since 2010.
3. The research team product adopts workstation diskless virtual terminal, and all designers share the same platform design, which is convenient to communicate and integrate ideas.
In 2010, the SAFI 6.5 program is a computer program structure analysis which introduces the Quality Program SAFI Inc. of Canada. It is specifically for analytical calculation of conventional structure, as voltage, wind load, for structural components dynamic analysis.

R & D Achievements

1. Based on the design and manufacture of the product, technological R & D focuses on the automation of the derrick and development trends as well as the special requirements of domestic and foreign contractor drilling.
2. In order to accommodate different operating environments in a previous step, our center respectively derrick develops low temperature used for Arctic regions, desert drilling tower and other desert regions derricks used in extreme environments.

Derrick Lane Low Temperature

1. Derrick rail low temperature is designed according to the characteristics of temperature and geographical features of Russia, Arctic region, which improves the ability of automation.
2. Makes the main engine and all well integrated facilities are installed on the rail, which manages mobile drilling under conditions of removal and installation, processing the following drilling operations.
3. At the same time, all operating space is equipped with isolation measures to adapt to extreme cold.

In 2012, the Rig Intelligent operating under special conditions was included as a Key Project Support Program of Science Technology.

Disc brake Tower Conditioning

1. This machine uses disc brakes instead of disc brake or other mechanical brakes: adding disc brake on both sides of the winch, hydraulic disc brake calipers and control system.
2. You can improve braking efficiency and accuracy to increase operational safety.

Conditioning tower without Cable Guide

1.La conventional conditioning tower has cable system guide crown block, ground anchors must be released for the adjustment operation of the guide wire before starting the operation.
2. The research center optimizes the pattern of conventional guide, greatly improving working efficiency.
3. Add a device to test deviation on both sides of the cooling tower and at the bottom of the derrick, making the machine to perform the operational process without the guide wire.

Drilling Tower Bridge

1. Different from traditional bridge with tire lifting winch drillpipe, casing hoisting crane, this new bridge derrick is designed with remote control system lift capacity 5T.
2. All actions use a hydraulic control pilot pressure getting automatic operation and remote control.
3. It can be coupled with any derrick, replacing the ramp bridge derrick, which can improve the working efficiency greatly and hold the operation site of lifting large scale.

Torre Conditioning Electric Variable Frequency

1. Unlike traditional conditioning tower with diesel motor drive, the new tower can operate through energy oilfield as the main driving force.
2. The conditioning tower adopts energy matrix oilfield to drive the motor variable frequency, to some extent, saving diesel energy, reducing pollution emissions and achieving energy savings in the emission reduction effect.

Conceptual drawing of the Tower Conditioning OBE