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Quality politics

"Performing Continuous Improvement, Search for Excellence"


1. Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co ,. Ltd. is based on the quality control system ISO9001 and fully integrated to ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and quality control system API Q1.
2. According to "PDCA" to strengthen the process control system established key performance KPI, introduces the method of risk management mode of failure and improves effectiveness.
3. We pay high attention to quality control system, quality and putting the customer first above all. The awareness training quality and service mentality are taken seriously, noting that all workers are responsible for quality.

Quality Test

1. Our company is based outside material receiving inspection, inspection of product manufacturing process and routine testing of the final product.
2. We take advantage of seven control tools of ancient and modern to strengthen the analysis of the situation and trend of the current quality quality.
3. Controlling nonconforming product to prevent similar problems and improve the qualified rate, providing quality products.

Construction of Quality Culture

1. great importance to source control, strict quality control for inventory stage to prevent unqualified products is added.
2. We put high value in the inspection process, cultivate awareness producer responsibility and to avoid non-conforming products.
3. We improve inspector identification and verification awareness, paying particular attention to final inspection, to not allow unqualified products are allowed unsent.

Quality Commitment

1.The 100% of products outside the factory are qualified and meet customer requirements.
2. All products with quality problem during the period of life has the "three guarantees" for repair, replacement or return.
3. We will provide high quality products and efficient and timely services.